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Happy 2nd Birthday, Tucker_love [18 Feb 2006|11:31pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Happy Almost 2nd Birthday, tucker_love!

Almost a year ago, I culled together all the Tucker fic I could find. I've been adding to it gradually (as well as smooshing dead links), but the list is sort of nightmarish right now. I just went through it and changed a whole bunch of links and a whole bunch of journal names. In the quest to keep my fandom life and RL sort of separate, I changed my fic's hosting journal and journal name. I did it for niennahfic, too, as her fic was all in that journal. If you're not into being listed with this journal name, let me know. You should repost it where you want to and drop me a comment with the new link. I know my domain is about to expire. Anyone else?

If you have links to anything not shown here, please comment and I will add them in. If there is anything you want removed, or need changed, please comment.

Anyway, happy birthday to what is left of tucker_love. I'll be deleting the old ficlist entry shortly.

Yours, Bitter Whatserface

P.S. The '***' denotation means that I desperately would like to include the fics in this list, so if they are elsewhere, please let me know.

[All Blue and Gold and Black]
By emony [Locked]: (Warren/Tucker, Buffy, Caleb) Loosely set in Niannah's [Caleb & Tucker] 'verse, Tucker's supposed to be standing guard for Caleb. Instead, he's discussing Catholic school uniforms with Warren. [PG-13]

[An Easy Minus]
By niennahfic: (W/T) Tucker walks in on the aftermath of Katrina's murder. [R]

[Anterior Commissure]
By bitter_brother: (W/T, Meg) Set in the [Dark Magic] verse, Meg yentas Warren and Tucker together so she can see what all the fuss is about. [R]

By packmentality: (Tucker, Andrew) Tucker's really worried about his little brother, now that the Hellmouth ate Sunnydale. Will Friendly!Tucker find Beloved!Andrew intact? Golly. [PG]

By niannahfic: (T/Katrina) Tucker breaks down in the desert and a lovely woman named Katrina stops to show him how handy she is with a tool. Chase ensues. [PG]

***[Brother Thing]
By another_vocal: (W/T, T/Andrew implied) Warren isn't sure what's behind the weird dynamics between Tucker and his little brother Andrew, but he's definitely sure that it's messed up. Oh, and that demons aren't real. [R]

By blinkytreefrog: (Andrew, Tucker, Others) Epic time travel-fic, centered on Andrew(s), with a very scary Tucker as the villain. [PG]

[Cooler Than Helldogs]
By niannahfic: (W/T, Andrew) Tucker lets Warren help him with his pre-prom project. Warren shows Tucker his project notebook. And, they get it on. [R]

[Dark Magic]
By Emony: (T/W, A/W implied) Tucker has an addiction to magic. Warren has an addiction to Tucker. Somewhere in the middle are Meg (addicted to magic *and* Tucker) and Andrew, neither of whom would like to see either of them together. [R]

[Demon: AU]
By i_warren: (W/T) Tucker does a little black-market demon dealing and ends up with a familiar face to add to his collection. Warren as demon. [R]

***[Dirty Boys] [2] [3] [4]
By Alternate_verse: (W/T, W/Andrew, Caleb/The First) In a s6-s7 smoosh, Caleb mentors Tucker. Tucker likes the priest's collar. As it turns out, Warren *also* likes the priest's collar. [R]

[Down With Big Brother]
By fan_tastic: (T/Andrew) Tucker and Andrew explore some of the concepts introduced in Orwell's 1984. (Implied incest.) [PG-13]

[Everything In Its Right Place]
By bitter_brother: (Tucker, Amy implied) Tucker travels on his own in Vietnam, trying to feel better. [R]

By packmentality: (T/K) Tucker and Katrina have something in common and it takes having sex for them to figure it out. [R]

By vanilla_tiger: (W/K, T/K) Tucker and Warren have their own little war, using Katrina as a pawn. [PG]

[How He Failed]
By niannahfic: (Warren, Andrew, Tucker) Tucker, Warren and Andrew fight vampires. One of them doesn't make it. [PG]

By Bitter_brother: (T/W) Based on Alternate_Verse's [Not Just the Scars]-verse, Tucker is horribly scarred and... sometimes a dollop of salve just isn't going to cut it. [R]

[Morning Bell: I am Going to Get Amy Madison]
By niannahfic: (W/T) Warren and Tucker form a very special teenage friendship. Tucker already has a best friend, though (it seems) in Amy Madison. [PG]

[Most Of The Time, But Not Always]
By fmith: (T, Holden Webster) Tucker and Holden form an uneasy, if not mutually beneficial, friendship. [PG-13]

[Murderous Tendencies]
By niannahfic: (W/T) Tucker comes back to Sunnydale, three years after prom, and runs into Warren in his former family home. [PG]

[No More Vitamins Today]
By niannahfic: (W/T) Crazy wall-writing Warren is institutionalized and a very patient Tucker is the only person who can get through to him. [PG]

[Not Just the Scars]
By niannahfic: (W/T) Tucker runs into some trouble, gets burned, and goes to Warren for comfort and aid. [PG]

By Emony: (T/Meg, Warren) A short ficlet from Tucker's POV, set in the [Dark Magic] universe. He really doesn't care about Warren. Not at all. [PG]

***[Nothing Else to Do]
By niannahfic: (W/T) The Trio consists of Warren, Tucker and Jonathan. The dynamics are different. Set just after Dead Things. [PG]

[Parker Abrams and Tucker Wells Aren't Dead]
by jetpack_monkey: (Tucker, Parker (POV), Andrew, Forrest, Others) Tucker makes a new friend, the old fashioned way: by stalking him, creeping him out and then proving the existence of monsters. WIP. [PG-13]

[Power, Absolutely]
By Flannery: (T/W) Tucker doesn't understand the appeal of robots, so he teaches Warren a couple of things about fear and intimidation. [R]

[Prom Night at the Wells's]
By Samus: (Tucker, Andrew) Andrew is supposed to be keeping an eye on the door while Tucker prepares for prom night. [PG-13]

[Run, Juliet!]
By airawyn: (Andrew, Warren, a little Tucker) The story of how Andrew summoned flying monkeys to attack the school play. And why. [PG]

[Sex With Robots] [2]
By Airawyn: (T/April, W/K) Tucker and Warren are roommates at college. Warren's girlfriend, Katrina, doesn't know about the robot that he invented. But Tucker sure does. [R]

[Something Near Even] [2] [3 + 4]
By niannahfic: (W/Andrew, T/K/Amy) Andrew is worried about Warren. Tucker and his two girlfriends, Katrina and Amy, aren't worried at all. So, the five of them wind up in a van and chaos ensues. [PG]

[Something Unpredictable]
By niannahfic: (W/T) Well, they're on the run, the cop's got their gun and right about now it's time to have some fun. Dusty desert fic with motorcycles. [PG]

***[Spinning in Infinity]
By niannahfic: (W/T) A sequel to [Dead Man Walking], about a resurrected Warren. Tucker comes to NY looking for Warren. [PG]

[Strange Glue]
By niannahfic and vanilla_tiger: (W/T/K) Off-shoot of Niannah's [Unabomber Series], where Warren (the hermit) acts as the middle-man for Tucker and Katrina's marriage. [R]

[The Sunlight Sphere]
By niannahfic: (Warren, Tucker) Warren, the brilliant but flawed scientist, has something that the other team wants. Unfortunately, Tucker knows about it. [PG]

[Testing Boundaries]
By bondage_ferret: (T/W) The Trio rules Sunnydale and Tucker wants in on it. But how ever will he get Warren to bend to his will? [NC-17]

By niannahfic: (T/W) Set after Flooded, Tucker's job as a bank manager comes to an abrupt end, mostly because of Warren. Tucker punishes him by ...making him wear a tie. Sort of. [PG]

By niannahfic: (W/T, with implied W/A) Tucker comes back to lay claim to something he doesn't like sharing. Set in the [Unabomber] 'verse. [R]

[Untitled] (Locked)
By Emony: (W/T, Andrew) Andrew needs to borrow Tucker's car, but Warren answers his knock on the bedroom door. Future ficlet. [PG-13]

[Untitled] (Locked)
By Emony: (W/T, Andrew) Really cool future-fic from the inner depths of Andrew's brain. Also, Warren and Tucker are married. [PG-13]

[The Vessel]
By niannahfic: (Tucker, Caleb, the First) Caleb is not The First's unholy vessel. [PG]

[Zen & the Art of Necromancy]
By Emony: (Tucker, Andrew, Warren) A spin-off of [Dark Magic], where Tucker and his magical friends go about resurrecting Warren, only to be challenged by those pesky Watchers. [PG]

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Fic: Most Of The Time, But Not Always [21 Jul 2005|01:40am]

Title Most Of The Time, But Not Always
Author fmith (that would be me).
Pairing Tucker Wells/Holden Webster but without any real / involved.
Rating PG-13 for vampires and swears.
Word count 302 (I think).
Notes This is AU, but just a little. Basically: Buffy didn't stake Holden at the end of Conversations with Dead People. For prurient_badger, who still owes me Andrew/Oz. Happy birthday. ♥

Most Of The Time, But Not Always
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Fic-finding request [02 Apr 2005|05:11pm]

There's this story that I read ages ago that involved Tucker being reunited with Andrew, post-Chosen, somehow involving Freddy Iverson. Did one of you write it? Can you help me find it? Or does anyone know what I'm talking about? Am I insane?
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Fic: Morning Bell (I Am Going To Get Amy Madison) [02 Jan 2005|12:35am]

Title: Morning Bell (I Am Going To Get Amy Madison)
Author: Anna
Pairing: Warren/Tucker
Rating: PG-15
Summary: 10th grade, High School. Warren meets Tucker in the bicycle shed. Teenage sex and bitter jealousy ensue.
Notes: Warren has just started in Sunnydale High. At this point in the year they're about 16. However, Tucker is already a bit of a dark magic space cadet, despite the as-yet lack of helldogs or proms. Amy is not a rat. Just go with it. It all makes sense when you're there.
Not betaed or anything, so any mistakes are mine.

Morning Bell (I Am Going To Get Amy Madison)

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Fic: Breakdown [06 Dec 2004|09:13pm]

Title: Breakdown
Author: Anna
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Tucker/Katrina
Summary: Tucker's car breaks down in the desert. Katrina can fix it. And there's sex. /end shameless promotion
Written for vanilla_tiger, who wanted Tucker/Katrina, no one else. Pretty much what this fic is. *g*


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Fic: How He Had Failed [08 Nov 2004|09:26pm]

Title: How He Had Failed
Author: Anna
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Warren, Tucker, Andrew
Summary: Warren and Tucker try to take on the vampires.
Notes: Set in the Wishverse.
Not betaed. Any mistakes, let me know. Thank you.

How He Had Failed
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[08 Oct 2004|02:53pm]

Title: Triangle
Author: Anna
Pairing: Warren/Tucker (mentions Warren/Andrew)
Notes: Written for vanilla_tiger's First Line Drabble Challenge. It's in two ficlet parts that together make a fic.
The inspiring line: He thinks you love him.
Big thanks to VT for posting that challenge. I needed something to inspire me.
In this fic, Warren lives out in the woods like the mad paranoiac he would have become were it not for the fl*ying.

Triangle, part 1: The Calm

Triangle, part 2: The Storm

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A paltry icon offering to the Tucker goddesses. [31 Aug 2004|03:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay, I'm not the BEST!ICON!MAKER ever, but, I needed to make a couple Tucker icons. I'm playing him (and, perversely, Andrew) in an RPG, so rather than just leeching off this community, I made a couple.

Icons x 3Collapse )

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Fic: Testing Boundaries [17 Aug 2004|01:47pm]

Title: Testing Boundaries (Part 1)
Author: Bondage Ferret
Pairing: Warren/Tucker
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Mutant Enemy and related companies. No infringement intended.
Summary: Tucker can never resist a challenge.

If asked, Tucker always said he'd returned to Sunnydale for money. Collapse )
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Fic: Strage Glue, part 1 [03 Jul 2004|07:44pm]

Title: Strange Glue part 1
Author: Anna
Pairing: Warren/Tucker/Katrina
Rating: PG-15 (woo! it's hot in here!)
Disclaimer: They belong to ME. The title is from a Catatonia song.
Summary: Warren finds himself in a very strange position with Katrina and Tucker.
Based on an idea by the wonderful vanilla_tiger, who will be writing the next part of this. Stay tuned!

Strange Glue part 1

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[24 May 2004|08:31pm]

Title: Murderous Tendencies
Author: Anna
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Implied Warren/Tucker
Summary: Tucker comes back to Sunnydale three years after the Prom.
Thanks to emony for the beta. <3

Murderous Tendencies

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Fic: The Boy Who Killed The Girl (Caleb-Tucker part 4) [17 May 2004|09:01pm]

Title: The Boy Who Killed The Girl (Caleb-Tucker AU part 4)
Author: Anna
Pairing: Warren/Tucker (Caleb/The First)
Disclaimer: Not mine and so on.
Summary: Caleb finally meets Warren.
Find previous parts here.

The Boy Who Killed The Girl

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[10 May 2004|07:02pm]

[ mood | procrastinating ]

I've just added some more to this fic, which I affectionately refer to as the Untitled Dark Magic AU fic.

Most everyone here is on my flist anyway, but I'm avoiding work, so I thought I'd post a link to it here.

It's Warren/Tucker, with a few other things thrown in to the mix too, set in a not too distant AU future. Uh. Yes. Go and read it. Please. :)

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Fic: Dirty Boys [10 May 2004|07:03am]

New part of my Caleb-Tucker fic written. There's a full previously-on when you click the link too, so if you haven't read already, now's your chance to catch up! Pimpety pimp. *g*

Title: Dirty Boys (Caleb-Tucker part 3)
Author: Anna
Rating: PG-15.
Pairing: Caleb/The First, Warren/Tucker, ref Warren/Andrew.
Disclaimer: I can share.
Previous parts can be found here in Trio Stories.

Dirty Boys

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Fic: Dead Man Walking [13 Apr 2004|11:03pm]

[ mood | moody ]

New fic at my new fic & icon journal, niennahfic.

Title: Dead Man Walking
Author: Anna
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Warren, Tucker
Notes: Based vaguely on emony's Where The Streets Have No Name, found here, but it's definitely an AU from that.
Summary: Warren has returned, and is paying for what he's done.
Not betaed, just written. Any mistakes, please let me know. :)

Dead Man Walking

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Tucker - One of the most fascinating characters in the Buffyverse? [13 Apr 2004|08:28am]

[ mood | amused ]

Or a one-off villain who mainly served as a means to get effeminate nancy-boy Andrew more easily familiar with viewers as "Tucker's Brother"?


Actually, I never really thought about Tucker until involvement in an LJ RP where he's a character got me thinking about the rich dramatic potential inherent in a character who made only one appearance in the show. Moldable to almost any extent, but at the same time possessing his own smoldering brustle (via Brad Kane's really nifty performance)...

And I've gone on to long. Did I mention that I'm obsessed with all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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The Vineyard and the House (CalebTucker 2) [09 Apr 2004|07:36pm]

[ mood | full ]

Title: The Vineyard and the House (Tucker Caleb fic part 2)
Author: Anna
Pairing(s): Warren/Andrew, brief mention of Warren/Katrina. (Note: Tucker/Caleb is not a pairing in this fic, but they are the main characters)
Summary: This whole part could probably have been written "Tucker went to the house the Trio were now living in wearing a shirt of Caleb's" but it's me, so it's got to have description and atmosphere, right? :)
This takes place just after the Trio moved their lair having killed Katrina.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, story basically is.
Thanks to emony who took a look at most of this for me. :)

The Vineyard and the House

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FIC: Untitled Ficlet [20 Mar 2004|01:16am]

Untitled Ficlet
Summary: Tucker makes a deal.
Notes: This came from a challenge on theatrical_muse. I like how it turned out, so I thought I'd share it over here.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Tucker belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, etc. No ownership is implied or intended.

Outside, it's a cool California summer night. Inside the shop, though, the heat of the day lingers. Tucker walks past dusty bolts of fabric and assorted lace trims. He follows the shop's owner to the back room and through another door into a small office. A desk, file cabinet and stacks of paperwork make it seem like any other office. Tucker knows the truth, though. The moment he steps in there, he can feel the power. It's not just the smell - strong spices, musty herbs, and the sickly sweet scent of dead things left to rot - it's something more. It's like music - a heavy, throbbing bass solo that he can't quite hear, but he can feel the vibrations resonate through his chest. It's why he's here. Read more...Collapse )
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FIC: Sex With Robots 2: Revenge of the Nerd [16 Mar 2004|02:48pm]

Rating: R
Notes: Tucker/April, Warren/Katrina. Thanks to emony and syrinxx for the beta reads.
Summary: Sequel to Sex With Robots: Scene from an Italian Restaurant. Warren gets revenge on Tucker.
Disclaimer: All belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy, etc. No ownership is implied or intended.

Sex With Robots 2: Revenge of the Nerd
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Fic: Sex with Robots: Scene from an Italian Restaurant [15 Mar 2004|12:01pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Rating: R, because Tucker's a perv. It's not porn, though.

Notes: Tucker/April, Warren/Katrina. Thanks to emony for the beta-read.

Summary: Suppose Tucker and Warren were roommates at college. And suppose one day, Tucker discovered the AprilBot. What would he do? And how would Katrina react?

Sex with Robots: Scene from an Italian Restaurant

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