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Tucker Wells

(Andrew's brother)

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This is a community based on the BtVS character Tucker Wells. Here we can post Tucker fanfics, Tucker artwork, wallpapers, LJ icons and screencaps. If it's got Tucker, it belongs here.

Moderated by niennah

1: Tucker love is a prerequisite.
2: Fics must be clearly rated.
3: Please post only wallpaper thumbnails with links to the wallpaper itself.
4: No more than 4 LJ icons to be shown in any one post. If you have more, they can be placed behind a cut.
5: You can post screencaps behind a cut, as a downloadable file or you can post a link to them.
6: Be nice. I'm sure you will be, but it has to be said.
7: Any problems, please contact niennah.

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