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Fic: Testing Boundaries

Title: Testing Boundaries (Part 1)
Author: Bondage Ferret
Pairing: Warren/Tucker
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Mutant Enemy and related companies. No infringement intended.
Summary: Tucker can never resist a challenge.

If asked, Tucker always said he'd returned to Sunnydale for money. Andrew had it, Tucker needed it. He owed a few debts to the Underworld that the Mafia was afraid of.

If asked why he stayed in Sunnydale after Andrew'd paid off his bills, he'd say, "Why not?" Warren, Andrew and Jonathan had a nice little setup. Big mansion, well stocked with food and electronic toys and multiple minions running around. Tucker didn't bother to learn the names of the minions. He wasn't interested in making friends with them.

Sunnydale under the Trio's rule was a good place to be a Wells. The Slayer had left town and no other do-gooder had emerged to offer resistance. (Warren told elaborate tales of how they'd driven the Slayer away, but Tucker suspected her leaving had more to do with the explosion of the Cleveland hellmouth and the resulting chaos.)

No one questioned Tucker's presence, and he didn't have to admit that the real reason he stayed was loneliness. Being a travelling sorcerer had its perks, but he got tired of watching his back all the time.

Andrew'd been extra twitchy when he'd showed up, and Tucker had spent a few days in paranoia until he realized what Andrew was afraid of him knowing. Warren and Andrew were a couple. Shared a bedroom and everything. Tucker laughed when he found out.

"That's the big secret?" he'd said. "You were afraid I'd find out you two are gay?"

"Well, yeah," said Andrew, figeting with the zipper on his jacket. "Remember, in high school, when you were all, 'Fags are gross'?."

"I was sixteen!" said Tucker. "Come on, Andrew. You're my brother. I don't give a shit who you sleep with."

"So... we're cool?"

"Yeah. We're cool."

There might have been some brotherly hugging if Fat Minion hadn't walked in just then.

What Andrew didn't know was that Tucker'd had his own experiences with men. He'd gone through a period in college where he'd tried to break every social taboo he could think of. He learned pretty quickly that some taboos were deeply ingrained and there were lines even Tucker didn't want to cross. But sex with guys? Not a huge taboo anymore, and actually, pretty fun. He didn't see a need to mention his own bisexuality to Andrew, though.

His discussion with Warren on the subject of Andrew had been brief.

"So, you're fucking my brother?"



Tucker was surprised to discover that living in luxury was actually kind of boring. His magical talents weren't needed, since Andrew had that covered, and you could only spend so many hours a day playing video games. Okay, you could spend a lot of hours playing video games, but once you'd beaten every game in the house there wasn't much challenge to it anymore.

So one day, after beating up prostitutes (again) in Grand Theft Auto and trying to get his Sims to kill each other (again), he wandered downstairs, looking for a challenge. He found Warren.

Warren had the basement set up as his workshop, and he didn't like intruders. Only Andrew and, occasionally, Tall Minion, were allowed down there. Andrew was out that day. He, Tall Minion and Ugly Minion were making a trip to L.A. for assorted supplies.

Tucker, never one to respect boundaries, barged into the basement and settled himself in a chair to watch Warren work.

"Get out," said Warren, not looking up from the circuit board he was wiring.

"Hey, I just want to see what you're doing. What are you doing?" asked Tucker.

"I'm trying to integrate the freeze ray technology into a bot."

"Cool," said Tucker. Warren's creations were one of the few things that actually impressed Tucker.

"Not looking for an audience, here,"

Tucker shrugged.

Warren put down his tools. "Tucker, get the fuck out of here."

Tucker stood up, but instead of leaving, he walked over to Warren until his body was nearly pressed against Warren's.

"What... what are you doing?" asked Warren.

"Just looking at you," said Tucker softly. "You know, you're kind of hot when you're giving orders. I can see why my brother likes you." He touched his hand to Warren's cheek, and leaned in.

Warren pulled back. "What are you doing?" he repeated.

"Kissing you," said Tucker. "Jesus, Warren, I thought you'd done this before." He leaned in again, and this time Warren didn't pull back. Tucker kissed him, deep and wet.

A few moments later, Warren pulled back. "Andrew," he said.

"No, I'm Tucker."

"Duh. Hello, I'm in a relationship with your brother!"

"So, he's got you whipped? Can't do anything without his permission?"

"No, it's just - oh fuck," said Warren. Tucker had dropped to his knees and was tugging at the top button on Warren's jeans.

"You want me to stop? Just let me know," said Tucker. He ran his hand over the bulge in Warren's jeans, and Warren inhaled sharply. Tucker grinned, and unbuttoned the fly in front of his face.

"No," gasped Warren. Tucker freed Warren's cock from his clothing and took the head in his mouth. "Oh, god! Don't stop!" Warren tangled his fingers in Tucker's hair.

It seemed like only a couple of minutes before Warren came, gasping and moaning Tucker's name. Tucker swallowed without flinching, then stood up and kissed Warren. Warren kissed back, rough and intense, sliding his hand to the back of Tucker's neck. This time it was Tucker who pulled out of the kiss first.

"Upstairs," he whispered into Warren's ear. "My room. I want to fuck you until you can't see straight." He grinned, and left the basement.

Warren stood there for a moment, just catching his breath. He shook his head to clear his brain, zipped up his pants and stared at the circuit board for a full five minutes before giving up and going upstairs to Tucker's room.
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I adore your Warren. Hugely. Immensely. I will have his evil babies.

Always love Warren/Tucker. Nice fic! *g*
Thanks! :)